Thursday, January 14, 2010


if i wanna tell u dat i am feeling cranky, groggy now - i bet u've heard it way too much lately. and probably, ur tired of it. but poor me - dats wat or dat how i am feeling rite now. i hit my MumuLand around 10.30pm last nite - pretty early, alrite; only to find myself wide awake by 2.30am in the morn., blinking, staring into the darkness - theres emptiness around me, inside me as well - in my head and in every single corner of it. i woke up - walked downstairs, mandi, made myself a mug of warm milk, and aku remember wat kak yang told me - aku solat hajat & tahjud kat bilik bawah. the silence around me was totally calming wit a bit eerie feeling in it. aku walked out to the porch, looked up to the dark sky - theres so many stars in it. i suddenly remember its been a long time since i spend some time under the nite sky - lookin up; enjoyin the moon and stars.. its been a while. and i remember feeling kinda numb at dat particular time. i dun remember wat i was thinking, but the feeling of sadness and such; hits me alrite.

theres so many things to be done - life, work etc. sometimes i jst wish i turn back the time. or i cld jst stop the time from keep on spinning and making me feel so damn helpless. life shld be better than dis. but sometimes - i dun know..

and theres one thg i need to be done, by end of the day - today. my hair. i think its about time to get rid of it, alrite.

i am gonna get my head - bald, again.

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