Friday, January 15, 2010

big heh-day!

as expected - during the assembly dis mornin - i cld see the stdnts eyes r lookin at me like nobdy biz. heh. its normal lah - may be aku perasan kot - for we all the lecturers gotta be infront of em all thru it, well. but i started to feel my handphone vibrating in the pocket - indicating there's coupla msges in now and then.

and after the assembly - few gals came rushing in asking the same. but yet - i take it as it nice. its a 'heh' day for me.

and gez wats the msges i received?;

  1. a gal - 'sir, where ur hair?'
  2. a gal - 'nape sir potong rambut.. gonjeng sgt2'
  3. a boi - 'perkhh sir..'

and a few more yg mcm - tak pyh la aku nak kecoh2. and to be frank - budak2 perempuan nowadays cld be a lil bit more aggressive, dat u never of it, really. scary!

its the same me larr.. wit or wit out hair! heh.


sHaH said...


skrg pompuan ramai dpd laki..
market man..

Anonymous said...

sexy! botak. love it