Monday, January 11, 2010


Finally, i call off the day. I thk. Its such a long day. Started wit a cranky morning, 2hrs class at 8 to 10am on Monday morn., wit the stdnts were bscally - the body was there, yet their mind were everywhere over the places. They see me, alrite. But kinda 'see thru me'. Talked about Monday blues. Heh. I hate Monday, esp days like dis. I hav to run the class wit frequent breaks, crack jokes, pull em all together and gav all kinda examples, to make thgs easier. The class run well, tp penat giler. It was Symptomatology, Etiology and Classification of Psy. Condition. Watdya xpct? Aku tgk tajuk je pun dah rasa mcm.. euw, boring! Let it be the stdnts lah.. Heh. Tak elok eh? Kalo stdnts aku t'baca neh, cemaneh? Erk. Mak esah? And ptg plak aku had anthr like 3hrs hatric. On Psychology - Human Development, from Womb to Tomb. Aiyak! Byk theories and such. I love dis. Tp after like 2hrs screaming out shait, and standing - givin lecture at 2pm (which is a hi-time to takea nap), was the last thang i wanna do. And God sake, awal2 lg aku dah perambat 3stdnts out of the class for 'taking a nap at the back' while others were stdying, learnin like n'bdy biz. Tak smpai 20mins, aku pggil balik msuk kelas. Heh. Kesian plak aku tgk bdk2 tu b'diri kat luar, wit muka seposen. By 5.30pm, aku dah penat sgt. Sah2 la, no gym and no jog. And by 6.15pm aku dah smpai rmh, mandi and in boxer. Aku penat sgt. Rasa cramp peha, betis. Perit tekak2. And aku feel like feverish, God sake.. Aku jrg2 sgt really 'do work' like dis, before. Teaching 5hrs a day was like, 'wat the heck?' in ere. And dats wat i jst did, today. Gotta hav my lite dinner, warm milk, Panadol before hitting my MuMuLand. I hav to be in MuMu, early tnite. For i hope, trow'd be a better day. And a better me. Gnite, ppl!


sHaH said...

i understand how it feels to be in a class with a bunch of sleepy students. i wonder how u survive teaching those subjects.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Shah -

used to it. dis is my major. i love doin dis. cuma kdg2 tak kena hari la kot.. heh.