Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 of 4

jst done wit 2hrs of class. 2hrs of total 4hrs i am havin, for the day. dgr pun mcm dah penat. and i am havin dis throbbing headache. aku sedar jgk budak2 neh tgk aku semcm je - may be i wasnt dat perky, today. and surprisingly, they did listen - tho the subject was like.. darn dry. and boring.

Ajak still on MC. aku sian dgn dia - he's even younger than me - tp dah ada DM and confirmed HPT. the Bp is fluctuating. and the same goes wit his glucose level. i've talked to him regarding dis - but the thg yg aku found out wit Ajak ni - he's havin so many unsettled biz in him; wit ppl, wit work etc. dat he keep coming up wit so many excuses dis and dat.. i am sorry. i shldnt judge him, alrite. i dun hav rite to. i gez everybdy hav their own problems. they tell u alrite - but wat they r tellin u was like jst a bit of the iceberg.. *sigh*

i need a break. away from all dis. and i jst cant wait for the weekend.

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