Wednesday, December 16, 2009

way back, in random.

doin nothg - i had a privilege of goin thru coupla old albums of mine - during my kiddo moment up till recently when digicam creep into ur life when u started to take pics, yet so lazy to go and had it print. its been quite sometimes - but each page of it brings smile on my face, for theres memory behind em well. every each of it. i am not sure if i had these before in my page, but still - i wanna share em all, wit u.

mak, abah, cik, ngah and aku.
skip dat belly, pls.
1980, 6yo.

aku and Hasnul in pulau redang.
dis was like a 6 monthly basis trip for me before,
way back then. the above was in 1997.
heh, wonder where Hasnul is, now.

kayaking around Berjaya Redang Resort.
also somewhere in 1997-98.
wit Shamsuri Mat - he's in charge of A&E KT now.

raya at kampung.
in 2001.

wit Shamsuri and Hassan.
in 1996/97.

during kak ngah's kenduri kawen
ngah - tahun brp eh?
along lupa la..


in Kuala Terengganu,
during one of my short trips for some off-days
back in 1999.

UniSEL time
Shah Alam S7 wit housemates

during my lecturer-to-be time
of UniSEL
Kaunseling Kem or somethg
in 2004 still.

i really wanna go back to those years, really.. *sigh*


chen said...

KL-i-dun-remember-where looks like its taken at Dayabumi

jerry maguire, jr. said...

chen - i think so eh? ermm