Thursday, December 3, 2009


casually talkin to a fren last nite, i realized how one of the personality traits dat i've acquired over time has changed my life so drastically and mostly - i dun know - if its for better, or not; the ability to let go. letting go of somethg (or someone, perhaps) is different than forgivin, or givin up. i gez. hangin on is wat we do.

it is not a secret dat ppl change, s'times for the better and s'times for the worst. the ppl dat cared about u so much, doesnt even think about u anymore. the person u liked sayin 'hello' to, doesnt seem all dat respectful anymore. it left u wonder. why? wats wrong? it hurts. may be. or perhaps - u cldnt careless after all. when a person changes, we all notice it. It is not a secret that people change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. when a person changes, we also know if they changed for the better or worse. or perhaps, ur hangin on to somethg u dun even know wat it is. letting go doesnt mean ur givin up. it frees u mind, like nbdy biz.

lettin go doesnt hav to be painful. or sad. it can be a wonderful culmination of good times.

its jst a tot anyway. hav a great Thursday.


Anonymous said...

to whom this msg up to?

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Fad - myself? perhaps.