Friday, December 18, 2009

to a movies. or not to a movie.

wow!! erk. wow??

planning to do a bit of movie-marathon, today. browsed on the net, wats in store - nthg much. heh. Avatar. erm - tempting. everybdy was like dah watched dis movie. aku dah tgk the trailer, mcm biasak je.. tp bila ppl started to giv a good comment - teringin la plak. so, Avatar, eh?

called TGV Kinta City - they r having like many shows of it. but - sumer tinggal seat dpn. every show of it. seat dpn? heh. my neck is aint made of steel! next.

GSC Ipoh Parade.. called few times, to no avail. nobody pick up the call. the 4th time aku called - engaged. and so it goes for the rest of it. line bz. all out of sudden, eh? bodo.

heh. KL? or Penang for movies?

think i'd better hit my crib.


chen said...

come to Penang. lots of things to do, not just movie. Hard Rock Cafe is great for dinner and live band, baybeh!

@xiM said...

AVATAR is awesome!!