Friday, December 11, 2009

Sid the sloth.

Sid is unattractive, unfit, and unintelligent..
erm - cool! for a day, dat is.

i feel like i am a Sloth today. Sid the Sloth. so - i am now, Sloth-ing around, doin nothg. reached home from KL semlm - aku rasa mcm penat sgt. since i was away from the office for the whole past 2 days now, better off aku amek cuti je ari neh.. stay back home, lazying aroung. doin nthg. doin nthg is also somethg, rite? and be it. i mght as well idiotbox-ing, and MuMu hell yeah. think of goin back to the gym ptg ni, kalo rajin.. since i am gonna be out off the town again, for the weekend.

theres so many thgs to be told, yet i aint sure of wat, how. i had a great time. great ppl around me. and i dun feel like spoilin any shait.

think i mght as well hit my MuMu back again.. before Jumaat.

1 comment:

chen said...

you sloth you!