Friday, December 18, 2009

sesi memasak for today..

woke up at 10.30am, jump into my towel - i was downstairs, wondering around wat to do, wat to eat and such. i tummy was growling like shait for i din hav anythg at all last nite - for my last meal was a lunch after the simulation session in the skill lab. i remember havin a mug of warm milk, for dats wat i've been havin; for at least wit the hope of it'd help me out for the journey to Mumu, soon after dat, well.

had my pills and some plain water (bgun tdo, get urself a drink of plain water dulu.. before anythg at all!) , i was supposed to be in the bathroom when i found myself started to work out on somethg - for the brunch, may be. and gez wat? i was doin a bit of cookin! heh. dun bother to think of all the grand ones - dis is jst a simple ones, alrite. for kinda lousy man like me. its raining, i am so freakin lazy to drive out, yet i am hungry. so?

first - dun go freakin around. i know dis aint good. at anytime at all, under the sun - dis is jst aint good. too much of MSG, no nutritional value yada yada yada.. but hey, who cares? its not like i am havin it everyday, 5 times a day or 24/7. ari ni je. so - grab urself a pack of Maggi Curry. a pack cukup la.. lain le nak buat kenduri, kan! Soleh? heh. he's still in Mumu. he's better than me when it comes to all dis. so - i am cooking dis all for myself je lah.. hehe

boil some hot water. tuang masuk dlm mangkuk (u cannot rendam Maggi dlm pinggan, rite? so use ur brain well - dis is also a meta-cognitive process. LOL!). bukak a bungkus off Mee Maggi, cepat dimasak, sedap di makan.. and let it be there, for about 2 minutes and so - or agak2 la sampai kembang. meanwhile - get a grip of urself, continue get urself bz a bit by doin somethg yg berfaedah. u dun wanna stand there like a Tugu Negara, tunggu the Maggi sampai kembang, rite? its a waste of time. and membazir tu berdosa.. ermmm.. jgn lama2 sgt yer, nanti kembang mcm cacing Ascaris, u'll find it difficult for the whole process.. cacing? euw!

as i said - do somethg better while tunggu the Maggi kembang. go get some bawang putih, bawang merah/bawang besar, a bit of cabai (sebut btol2!) yg kecik2 tu.. potong halus2. dis is not masak kurma dat u need to potong the bawang like hell. sesedap rasa je, yer.. i love garlic. the more, the merrier. and the bawang merah tu. cabai? heh. sikit2 je. aku tak tahan pedas, dats the thang. kang berpeluh2 mcm working out at the gym - and u'll find me disgusting plak. heh.

panaskan a spoon of minyak kelapa sawit yer, puan2.. minyak kelapa sawit tadak kolestrol. and hence, its good for ur health. bila kuali dah berasap2, surely hell the minyak pun panas.. u get wat i mean, kan? unless ur a moron - u wanted to put ur finger in it - try la. who knows, there'll be an add-up menu plak after dat. heh. erk - ok. masukkan segala bagai yg dah potong tadik.. kacau sampai kekuningan.. hehe.. make sure api tak kuat yer, puan2. ni bukan goreng ayam.. wallaweyyy! the Maggi.. mari kita tgk Maggi kita cemaneh.

damn - the Maggi dah kembang. jgn tunggu lama2, yer puan2. u dun want em all ended up so kembang as i said it before. like wat, puan2? ye.. mcm cacing. euw! toskan Maggi tersebut, dlm penapis yg chantek. elakkan menyentuh air rendaman tersebut. nanti melecur, susah. nak drive pi Casualty plak cuti2 neh. alang2 dah drive out, baik singgah mkn kat kedai je, kan? tak yah nak bertumis bagai. heh.

tatkala menetos Maggi tadi (ada ke 'mene-tos', eh?), make sure yer, mata puan jeling2 sket benda dlm kuali tu! haaa.. kang hanget, payah. kowser la nak potong2 bawang berkali2.. heh. bila sumer2 yg dlm kuali tu dah kuning2, masuk kan perencah Maggi Kari ke dlm gorengan tersebut. ikut la - kalo nak sedap, masuk je sumer. kalo nak idup lama sket, masuk sket2 je.. ala2. or kalo tak nak mati terus - jgn guna perencah neh. tak bagus utk kesihatan. byk MSG. ermm.. as for me, yg penting - sedap! heh. jgn lupa yer puan2, masukkan air sket.. so perencah tu akan.. errr.. erm, sama rata. cemaneh nak ckp, eh? sama rata lah, kan? jgn taruk air byk2. unless u nak masak gulai.

bila dah ada bau (to know if it is or not, bila u started to throw some series of sneezing, well - its about time then!), masuk kan Maggi yg dah siap di tos tadik ke dlm kuali. gaul pe patut. wit a sudip/sodek, idiot. not ur hand! heh. need not to tambah more garam, gula or anythg at all. kacau sket2 je.. nanti hancur plak mee tersebut. get some em into ur mouth to see if they dah masak or not.

tarraaaaa.. done. Mee Maggi Kari goreng bodo. bubuh some lada putih tajuk Ajinomoto tu, and 'serbuk cheese' (found it in the fridge - cant remember bila aku beli pun.. dun worry, belum expired pun). it is advisable to hav dis dgn chopsticks, for u'll enjoy every munch of it, well. kalo dgn garpu cpt abes. tak sempat rasa the orgasmic feeling.

and for today - aku skip the big mug of Nescafe. jemu lah! aku buat a tupperware of Milo 'o'. panas2. hehehe.. heh, actually i dun really like Milo pun. or any malt drink. euw! tp Milo 'o', tak pe kot.. i know. dun start. it aint good to hav ur meal infront of the tv. so-not-me. mum said dat aint good for health. and its proven! mkn dpn tv, will make u drifted away, and u'll eat more since ur not concentrating on ur food. u'll eat more means u'll get more weight on u. more weight, mean ur gemuk. ur gemuk means ur tak cantek. tak chantek means ppl will hates u. ppl hates u means ur an alien. duh! but dis time around - i'll make an expectational. i'll go to the gym ptg ni. after all Channel [V] is havin Double Shots on. heh.

right hand on the chopsticks, left hand on the remote. channel surfing. dis is interesting! heh. wat a life.

and dis is the worst part. i hate it alrite. doin the dishes. can i skip dis? heh. look at dat oily thang. euw. can i do dis trow je lah, eh? or, erk - 'Soleh!! bangun..'.


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chen said...

Thank you for the kelas masak2 but Maggi with serbuk cheese?? Eeekkkk!!!