Thursday, December 10, 2009

seniors + juniors = shait.

Heh. I knw dis goin to happen. Seniors wit their old creepy ways, rigid u-cant-change-dis-dat and juniors wit changes from the new school of tots. Why u hav to stick to old shait, making ur life miserable while u can simplified the whole shait? Why cant the seniors listen to us, adapt and adopt? Changes are taking over, and u hav to admit dat. We aint dat stupid anyway. Payah la. Ni salah. Tu salah. Tak fhm la. Heh. Kdg2, the higher ur status, the higher ur academic level and the older ur - the more stupid u can be. Ur methodology came from other school of tot. And my methodology is difrnt. From anthr school of tot. And its so subjective. To thk all dis, i'd better be in SOGO. Buang masa je dgn makcik2 neh.. Heh.

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