Tuesday, December 15, 2009

..or nothg at all?

woke up around 8.30am jst now - i had my Subuh kinda late, dammit. i wasnt sleep dat much last nite. it was pretty damn hot, and as usual - i was strugglin as well. was in bed before midnite - but i ended up goin downstairs watchin the idiotbox up till 2am. and by 5am - aku dah wide awake. and now - aku kinda feelin groggy, a bit of headache. hate to jump outta bed; but matahari dah tinggi - even if aku doin the golek-ing in bed pun, it wldnt help

plan for today? heh. i aint got one. may hit the gym by 10am la kot. feel like spending sometime there.. dah lama tak pi gym, dah dkt 1 minggu lbey. lifting wt at home doesnt help me much - aku easily get distracted wit so many thgs.

will be headin out for breakfast.. or may be not. brunch terus after the gym session. i'll do a bit of reading may be today - Reader's Digest jst sent me 2 books yg aku ordered - and tak kan la aku nak susun elok2 on the rack je kot.. gotta start goin thru em rite. may be a bit of gardenin, perhaps? all the greenies dpn rumah tu dah mcm Hutan Belum. heh. or dvds perhaps? or cookin some lite lunch so dat by the time Soleh come back - i cld hav a good healthy lunch alrite.

or nothg at all? jst lazying around? shopping again? mamma-mia!

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