Tuesday, December 8, 2009

on the road..

..again. For anthr 2 days, up till Thursday nite. I was jst feelin drowsy waiting for the bus to move, when dis one mid aged guy walked up the bus, wit kopiah on his head, an A4 paper wit writings and a plastic container in his hand, says out loud, ' a'kum slm sejahtera, sy pohon jasa baik tuan puan derma ikhlas utk isteri sy yg paru2 b'lubang..' and off he walked to the bck of the bus. I was like, erk.. wait. Paru2 wat? B'lubang? Pneumothorax kah? Hemothorax? Pneumohemothorax? Paru2 b'lubang? Heh. The wife wldnt get to live life and spending the duit derma for watever it is, if she's having the 'paru2 b'lubang'! Gosh. But i jst gav away rm1, for God sake. And made his day, alrite. He's healthy. Can work well. But i gez, he is not. He wit his prob., who knws. I wonder how his 'paru2 b'lubang' wife doin now. Heh. Do i hav to thk about all dis? *yawn*. Cant wait for NATRAH @ Istana Budaya, tnite. I shall now off for MuMu. Erk, dammit. Bus dah jalan. Nak terkenc la plak. Huwaaaa

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