Thursday, December 17, 2009


early queue to work!

reached the ofc around 7.30am, kinda late than usual alrite. woke up late as well. i had a great sleep last nite - i even had a dream! heh. a weird dream, dat is. anyway, it doesnt matter. for all i had was a great sleeping, and i gez dats all dat metters.

Latihan Pengendalian SIM Man 3G and Simulasi kat Skill Lab for all the lecturers, today. second day, in fact. started yesterday - but aku will be in starting today morning. theres coupla thgs needed to be done today - but all of em r like kerja2 bukan hakiki. bley? 1) renew lesen (dah mati semlm!); 2) pi workshop - servis kete.. i feel like heading doing the balik kampung la ptg ni, rindu plak mak abah.. for far as i concern - abg cik and kak ngah shldve been there at kampung too, i gez. but i need to send the car to the workshop first lah.. kalo tak ptg ni balik kg, may be esok la.. its a long weekend after all. aku feel like ngeteh wit Nuat and Isyam as well - there in Parit Buntar. those 2 guys rmy old kampung frens - lama dah tak jumpak, lepak2, and hav so-called late tomyam wit em both. errmmm.. see how lah. after all, if i am at kg - Monday terus bley off to up north.. senang sket.

its a batik day today. and aku in one, yeah. awal2 lagik prepare so dat i wldnt get lost at work nanti while everybdy's in one, and i am not.

and if i aint goin back to kampung - i'll stay back at home je kot. doin my own thang - gym jog and such. and i am giving myself another 2 weeks - to chop or not to chop. see how. again.. *sigh*

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