Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday - dammit, i love it!! huhu

by noon - aku already zombie-ing around in Jaya Jusco, Kinta City. its been quite a while since last been there, alrite. the mission for today - do a bit of survey, buy some stuffs and lunch. and gez wat? bt 2pm - i was all done. kdg2 aku fikir it'd be much easier if u go do ur shopping in ur office attire; for once the salesgal/man sees u - they will definitely attend u like freakin shait. and try speaking a lil bit - damn, they'll sprawl on the floor like nbdy biz. the first pit-stop; there's dis Chinese gal, speak English alrite - attended me so nicely, siap bagi aku cadangan dis and dat smpai aku naik rimas plak.. jenuh la aku 'thank u.. thank u.' wit the hope she'll leave me alone. and apparently - she's not. my second pit-stop.. kedai cd. aku wanted to buy coupla cds, asking for exactly wat i want - the lady there told me only one left, and the rest of the so-called collection from the particular singer was outta stock. and gez wat? she even syor kan aku listen to Lady Gaga la, M2M la, Eminem la, apa la.. heh. i was like 'owh, dis is for the youngsters.. owh, dis is soooo my mum.. owh, thanks.. thanks.. thanks..' and she jst wldnt get enuff. heh! got wat i want, aku jst walked off wit a big smile on my face to her. she's so nice, helping me a lot.. but then - a bit of pain the arse alrite. last pit-stop.. McD for lunch. hahaha.. lagik kelakar. Kinta City nyer McD sumer org tau - the workers in there sumernye mcm some-kind je.. i dun know how to spell it out rite, but i do hope u understand lah. and dis young chap was so nice to me - siap wishin me all bagai, asking me a bit of dis and dat mcm policeman. heh - jst take my order lah! aku lapar, bley? kej.

smpai ofis by 2.30pm.. still - ofis mcm kena langgar tractor. sunyi sepi. aku ntake time bungkus pe yg patut - for aku dah singgah Pos Office awal2 lagik - the gal there ask me cepat2 anta, so package bley jalan ari ni jugak.. heh. its 3pm alrdy lah. and aku - nak packing cepat2? choy. aku thank God for one of the parcel dah siap bungkus kat wrap counter there in Jusco. and dis one left - aku kena bungkus senirik. jenuh la lipat ere and there, 3 - 4 kali serba tak kena. last2 jadik la.. mcm gampang je aku tgk. hopefully the person who'll hav dis, will like it lah.. jgn complain bungkus tak chantek eh, nak chantek2, pi wrap kaunter soh dorg bungkus..

4pm aku gegas pi Pejabat Pos, and the gal there was like 'wah!! dah siap eh, inche?' sengih2 kat aku.. aku sengih je balik. and now - aku dah klat office, waiting for the courier service yg call aku awal2 pagi tadi - tak smpai2 lagik. aku'll havin another parcel, yayy!! its a parcel week for me, eh? as if. done wit em all, aku feel so freakin relief.

i hope i'd be able to make coupla ppl happy. for i am damn happy in doin dis. and i hope i'd be able to share the feeling of bein appreciated - how it is for me - feels like. and i do appreciate their presence alrite. more than words can describe. and i want em to know - dis is nothg, rather than the companionship, they've provide me.

i am blessed.

aku lepak2 dgn Fina and Rod from Nursing Department,
sorry Rod.. jari je nampak! ahaks.

McValue Lunch - Big Mac for the big meal, ended up wit
choco top. heh. mok mok..

done wit the shopping.. coupla thgs for myself, a few others
for some ppl i care as well.

done wit the packing. heh.

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