Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday. again? heh.

as usual - tea tarik besar suam kurang manis,
chapati lbey minyak 2, kuah sardin.
wat a combination.

Monday again. watdya expect? i aint got nothg to expect, dats wat. Monday is meant to be a busy day, for me. as for today. smpai ofc early - aku still feel the soreness all over the body, and aku btol2 ting tong since lack of sleep smlm. semlm - smpai around 6pm, aku terus off hp and off to the MumuLand. Maghrib jap, Isya'.. by 9pm aku dah masuk tido. and as usual - by 4am aku dah tersedar.. and dats it for the sleepin. i was wishin i cld be back in bed, but i jst cant.

smpai ofc around 7am, aku dah lay out coupla thgs need to be done by end of the day at work, today. boss called in - aku need to be there by the time all the big-shot from KKM around by 10.30am or so. there'll be a taklimat regarding our new Skill Lab. so Hafiz was running around like shait, Karuna too. me? heh. i jst need to be there, i aint got nothg to do wit the prep anyway thank God.

gotta be in PERKIM trow, up till Thursday, again. for a meeting on Penetapan Content dan PP 'Common Subject' ILKKM. for the second time, indeed. last time they r havin it in Putrajaya. but dis time around - they changed it last minute ke PERKIM la pla. wat ever la wit these ppl.

done wit the perhimpunan pagi kursus induksi, aku went off for a breakfast. breakfast alone today. Hafiz damn too bz to be disturbed. Ajak on leave. and lecturer2 lain mcm asyik berlari2 anak all over the places. heh.


Anonymous said...

um, that's nice..
dah lama tak kena teh tarik dgn capati. plus kuah sardin pulak tu.
um.. superb

jerry maguire, jr. said...

fad - superb. dats the word, yeah!