Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i wanted to write about dis for days now - but i din get the chance. its about thgs we do in life. every-day life, lah.. we often get so caught up by the daily rut and rigmarole dat we forget to relish life's lil pleasures. yeah - i mean it. look into yrself, i bet u know wat i am tryin to say then. here's a few lil things dat make me smile;

turning on the tv (pergkh - lama tak guna such term!) to unexpectedly catch the happy-endin of an underrated movie. gettin that lil piece of pop-corn (or petai, perhaps) finally out of your gums. or yr rotten-tooth. havin yr fingernails grow jst the rite length to peel off a sticker but not too long to make typing difficult (shait!).. findin an extra slice of bread in the fridge, when u know there's nthg left to munch. not havin a single junk email make it into in your inbox (miracle, isnt it?).. realizin dat in case you run out of toothpaste, there's an extra tube in the linen cabinet (it never happen to me.. why God? why?).. hearin the air-conditioner automatically kick-in the moment you feel a little warm but are too lazy to get up to lower the temperature yrself (God, pls! - as i always say).. gettin rid of the lil piece of pebble caught inside your shoe. comin across a word years after you last saw it in print - 'minstrels'. finishin item #10 on your lil "To Do" list just in time for ice-cream.. making item #11 on your "To Do" list "eat ice-cream" no matter what the list is about.

wld all dat make sense? i dunno. but it happens. to me, indeed.

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