Friday, December 18, 2009

life. and thgs about it..

i remember, i used to talk a lot about life. about wat life is. about how life is. and such. i rambled a lot about it. i think a lot about it - how i treated life, and how life treated me in return. i gez i talk a lot about it dat i sometimes - i dun really understand wats life is all about, anyway. and u started to wonder y, y is dis guy has to crack his head thinkin about somethg dat dun really makes sense.

i never stop wonderin about my life. i lead a small life. a simple one. tho - yeah, sometimes it gets complicated hell fcuk. but other than dat - it is simple. small. well, valuable. but small. i hav most everythg i wanted in life. i hav all those the love ones around. but, is dat it? and sometimes i wonder - do i do it because i like it, or simply because i havent be brave enuff? brave enuff to take chances. taking some risks.

so much of wat i see reminds me of somethg i read in a book - ere and there - when shldnt it be the other way around?

i dun really want an answer. i jst want to send dis cosmic question out into the void.

gotta lay off now. so much of waiting, tonite. waiting for somethg, dat is full of uncertainty. and u know it aint good. gez i'd jst quit waiting. and hoping.

so, gnite, dear void!

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