Monday, December 14, 2009

leona lewis; echo.

she aint jst a plain pretty alrite.
but wit brain.
and i was like.. 'whooaaaa..'

beside coupla regular tunes playin on my cd/mp3 player in my car and player ere at home - i've been listenin to dis gal, like for days now. and i jst cldnt get enuf of her, alrite. the big ballads and even bigger vocals seem to be the theme of the whole album. theres coupla huge name collaborated in dis album too - suchas OneRepublic, Justin Timberlake and coupla others.

i am so deep shait wit Happy, Brave, My Hands and a few more. heh. wat am i doin? shldve hittin my crib now. hold on, i aint done yet - yeah; theres s'thg for everybdy everyone on dis album. hit YouTube, take a listen to the snippets to pick ur fav., and u know wat i'm sayin.

alrite. i am done. Mumu now. g'nite, fellas!!

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