Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kuala Gula, trow till Sunday!

been to Kuala Gula once, i wonder
where the heck is teh above.

Kuala Gula - dats where i am gonna be for the rest of my weekend, startin trow afternoon. kinda sick of dat place alrite (been there once, i tot i will never, even need to be there again, God sake!). i mean - of coz Kuala Gula is kinda nice place. remote, of coz. tp susah la.. kedai, apah pun tadak. heh. and they r havin dis Kursus Jati Diri out there kat Kompleks Kesihatan Kuala Gula where mcm jin pun refused to bertendang there. gosh!! motif buat kat sana? so dat peserta tak bley chilok2 lari. and motif aku pun kena pi? as a fasci. kerjeh la..

Hafiz will be Ketua Fasci. KF will be there. Ramesh. Karuna. the gals - Izzah and Rod as well. all of us as fasci la.. and the rest of it - sumer kakitangan kolej from pelbagai kategori. i wonder wats the program wld be. yg pasti - Mr Bong awal2 lagik dah 'booked' aku to hav dis Poco Poco on Saturday early morn! heh.

and aku decided to go there by bus je.. bus kolej neh. naik ramai2. enjoy sket. tak pyh gado2 drive all the way, alone to dat particular area. and so i can see thgs. the scenery. and i cna snap pics as well.

i jst hope thgs r gonna get better. at least. and aku berdoa for everythg will be goin on, well.. jst the way it shld be.


:: NbC :: said...

Kampung Gula..? wonder eh camner dpt nama ni eh..?

*something playing in my mind, ahaks..!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Pinkie - lemme gez, i think i know wat it is.. makguler? pakguler? kencing berguler? guler merah? guler kabong? guler2?

aper eh? heh.