Monday, December 7, 2009

Kuala Gula, at random.

these r some of the pics takes during the Kem Pembangunan Jati Diri/Insaniah Bil. 1/2009 in Kuala Gula for the staff tempat aku keje last 4 - 6 Disember 2009. aku was there since aku dilantik as one of the fasci, conducting the whole training. it was fun, loaded wit laughter and great time of course, not to mention the tiredness - mental and physical, of course. but i had fun. and dats the thang.

kak jah and cc ruby; during one of the
communication game.. bisik2 ka, gossip weh?

Mr Elen the boss, Izah, Kak Ton, aku and Ramesh;
front - Rod, Raja Zurina and Farid.

me and the boss!

erk, we aint brothers!
me and Ramesh..

Hafiz and me.

Rod and me -
look at Rod, wat a pose, eh? haha

one of the game we had.

the participant.

Rod on her ad-hoc, impromptu MC thang.
u did well, gal!

dis was the place they put us, in.

the fasci and the director/boss;
(left) Azhar, me, Izah, Mr Elen, Rod and Hafiz.
(KF and Ramesh left early)

thank me, ppl!
they got dis 30% off from RM12 for the entrance
since aku was born in Taiping.
wah! bangga jap siot..

as sweet as the name.
i din manage to snap the pic, they were havin meals at time.

me and the gang infront of the
entrance of Zoo Taiping -
Rod (ampun - nampak separuh je ko!), Izah, Hafiz and me.

me and gajah at the back.

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chen said...

nice! where r the honey bear pics?