Saturday, December 5, 2009

day 2; jati diri..

by 6am, aku alrdy wide awake. had a nice peaceful sleep last nite. Hafiz, KF, Ramesh went out for a drink (i am not sure where - theres no nearest food stall watever not around!) and came back at 2am, if i was not mistaken. i was in MuMu at particular time - and Hafiz's voice was so sharp dat it wakes me up alrite. yet thank God - i managed to back to sleep, well. alhamdulillah..

aku di amanahkan to lead Poco Poco afterwards, at 7am. heh. s'thg yg aku enjoy doin, but not leading it. i mean - standin infront of ppl, and do it. i know - i am used to it. its not like i never do dis before. i've been conducting aerobic now and then infront of like hundreds of ppl, alrite. but dtas the different scenario - wit ppl dat u dun know. and dis different. it ur big boss, ur frens and such. heh. think i mght jst do it je la kot. mls nak fikir2.. and u know wat - i think its raining out there.. cats and dogs. ermm

i dun feel dat rite, anyway. my head feels numb. i jst hope as the day goes by - thgs gonna be ok. i hav to be ok. and its not gonna be in ere, pls.

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