Monday, December 14, 2009

its Monday, alrite.

*yeah rite!*

yeah rite - so said. its all in yr head. u feel great - its gonna be one. but if hate it big time, there goes the whole day into the drain. its Monday. do i love Monday? heh - y such question? does it makes any change?

i was in bed early last nite. after struggling to find some peace, aku jumped outta bed - went down stairs and did some chores - laundry, kemas rumah sket. and it was like near midnite. the lappy was still on, i had the chance peeping wats on it, now and then. the idiotbox was on as well - not much on it - the same old shait runnin again and again - like 40x per month, esp HBO, Star Movies and such. to kill time - aku had myself, on MTV and Channel V now and then - not bad. the laundry was on, lappy was on, when i sedar in front of the idiotbox - it was like 3am in the morn. dammit - aku tertidor dpn tv! in my towel. heh. feelin damn lazy and pretty empty headed; aku crawled upstairs to continue my MuMu thang. aku remember smiling to myself - its been ages since aku last get myself sprawled in front of the idiotbox - knowing myself well dat i cant really be sleepin like everywhere; except properly in my bedroom. heh. the laundry left unattended. to be continue after work nanti lah..

7.15am aku dah at work. kuar rumah kinda late actually - its ok, nothg nak rebut2 pun. i am doin alrite.. tho i know theres somethg at the back of my head - popping up now and then. i need to make a stand, to stand on it well. yet i aint sure if i am strong enuff to face it alrite. i love it so much to let go. but then - i love it as well, so in love wit it dat i hav to let go.

happy Monday, ppl. get it rite! chiao.

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