Tuesday, December 8, 2009


nothg to do wit my geram-ness.
but dis cools me down, alrite.

reached the ofis early. the earlier, it is. i was greeted by the jaga, 'abg balik lambat dtg awal' kinda thang. and he's Bangladeshi, it seems. kinda dizzy, i cant really sleep last nite. reached home by 11.30pm, i tried to crash rite away but it left me blinking staring into the dark, tossing up and down, again.

somethg happened last nite - and i was kinda regret it alrite. the boys - the induksi boys; there was a guess lecturer from INTAN delivered his thang and dis boys (a few of em) can jst sneaked out at the back, out from the hall.. and lepak2 kat foyer. even dare to bergayut on the phone some more! and i jst left em all for about 30mins je. mcm ampeh btol. the lecture done by 11pm, aku asked em to stay back. i was so furious, frustrated and such - leavin me berleter like nbdy biz.. towards the end of it, i think i came to my senses well; dat i hav to apologized em all for i've said before. they kept quite, lookin down to the floor alrite.

i hardly did dat. but then i was tired. i wasnt dat well pun. and i was there - spendin my i-shld-be-at-home time, and be at the office for em all - and dats wat i got in return. deep down, aku menyesal pun ada.. for they r no longer so-called my stdnts. dorg dah nak grad pun. and by midnite - theres a few msges - i believed from some of the boys, asking for forgiveness and such. heh. words. but dammit, they got me alrite.

shall be leavin the building by 10am. cant wait for my breakfast. and yeah - KL at 2.30pm.

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