Friday, December 4, 2009

hair? hair-off?

nope. dun even think about it. i aint obsessed. now dat i got hair. actually, aku cldnt careless pun. its jst like dat - waktu aku botak dulu pun, aku kena chop of my hair weekly. i mean - once, per week. or i'll look messy. tambah2 dgn janggut misai aku neh. i hate shaving. and i din do it on my own pun - so barber is a must for me. but now - its been like 3weeks (i think) since aku last do the visit to the barber. aku remember dad told me dat he want me to keep 'a bit of hair on ur head, for if u really nak botak - one day u will - its running in the family, and u dun hav to gigih pi balik botak kepala like every week'. kej tak? heh. and aku remember mom told me dat 'ok sket, kalo tak muka mcm nak telan org' in her own way. double heh! i gez i'll let it grow for a while up there. until aku btol2 bosan, or when it starts to 'fall un-naturally', then only aku will off for bald, again. and mean while - i gotta deal wit the mess; dry up my hair. shampoo it well after work. wax it. cream it. gel it. spray it. mold it. and driving wit no window opened - of the hair wld go haywired. heh. mcm siot je. and i gez dis is the time when aku start to selongkar balik wardrobe aku lookin out for all kinda topi/hats/caps dat i had - in case for the bad-hair day.

will be leaving the office soon, at 10am. nak packing. nak pi Kuala Gula neh - pe jadah pun tak packing lagik.. malas lah. tadi lepak2 jap bilik Hafiz - dia pun dah pening.. organizer is treating him as he is the one yg akan run the whole shait, yet dia pun tak tau pe2. cemaneh? Director din call us for a meeting. Mr Bong pun nampak cool semcm je.. aku Fasci biasa je - mls nak ckp pe2. nanti aku plak sangkut - mampos.

i am doinsomethg yg i never did before. i think - for the last time. i dun hav hope on it anymore. and i wont put any hope, as well. i used to be strong on dis - u do shait, u hate me, dats yr problem - and it aint mine. off i go. never turn back. but dis time around - i am treating myself like shait. thinkin back again - rationally, i din see y i shld be doin dis. i got pride. dignity. i shldnt treat myself like dis - as if i am beggin for sthg, and dat will make s'one feels like.. 'woooow, look - no matter wat i did, he's still around.. tak reti bahasa ke eh?' kinda shait. tak pe la.. i mean good intention. i mght do mistakes. and i dun hold any grudge. hatred or such. i appreciate the frenship. i am glad knowin such ppl. and i am honored. dats it.

heh. better get goin. will be updatin dis thru the hp je la kot. Kuala Gula? broadband? erm, i dun think so la kot.

have a gr8 TGIF, ppl. enjoy life, while u can. for when it leaves u - dats it. chiao.

i kinda miss dis botak headed.
but i am scared if i botak now - wat if it wont
grow anymore? heh.

me in botak still.
in Sunway Water Theme Park, Tambun Dunia Yang Sesat.
(Tambun Lost World, dat is)

in Cameron Highland, on a family trip.
back in 2005.

first year for workin. dammit, i still got hair.

the latest - dis mornin.
its a black Friday. heh!


solo molo said...

yu nam hair care kan ada...

Anonymous said...

ayub--- or no hair??.......both kinda suit for you abg Shah.....

Anonymous said...

botak looks great.
ada rambut style jugak.
but myself prefer botak more. :)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

solo molo - hahaha.. yeah rite!

anon - really? thanks. wit hair, students said i look 'jambu'.. wit no hair - nampak garang.. so? pakai tudung arrr.. haha

fad - tu la.. tempting neh nak botak balik! heh