Wednesday, December 16, 2009


goin thru my schedule, i noticed dat my trip to up north dah due - and it aint an option any longer. its a must, i gez. as much i hate dat fact, i hate too, finding myself on the road again for dis.

i wish i cld spell it out in ere, but ur aint gonna like it. i bet u love all the good, nice story. tale of wat i do, wat i eat, where i go and such. and tellin all shait in ere, will make u think as if i am kinda freak lookin out for some kinda attention. so for time bein - i am doin it anonymously, somewhere else. i gez i found it pretty much relief dat i can put thgs in my own words, there - w/o any restriction, w/o and thinkin of wat u ppl mght think. and nbdy knows it, jst like the early yrs when i was in ere, as well.

gnite. may u find peace, for dats wat everybdy's lookin out for.

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