Monday, December 7, 2009

fur-less time.

the fur-less time.

i went off for the barber, rite after work. its Monday - and i din feel like off for the gym. furthermore i gotta be lookin a lil bit neat for i am gonna be there in PERKIM, for a meeting. i dun wanna look like a teddy bear, wit all kinda hairs stickin out from all over the face. messy, dat is. erm - teddy bear is kinda cute. may be s'thg a lil bit worse than dat. heh. the tuan kedai - si Aru yg selalu aku had my goatee trimmed wasnt around, 'pi minum' kinda thang and i cant wait - so his worker pun ok la.. its kinda scary, Aru had dis 2 workers - one yg dah lukakan muka aku coupla months back, and i got no choice dat i had to choose dis new guy - which ended up; he did alrite. puas ati aku tgk dia trimmed all the janggut, misai, goatee and a bit of touched up over my hair, nicely. Aru came in later - and he was like, 'whoaa boss, still ada rambut eh?'. kej lah! i told him within coupla weeks to come, i aint coming back to his kedai gunting rambut - for i'll be ended up kat kedai saloon wit pretty ah-moi to wash my hair, alrite. but he was like, 'so bos mana mau potong janggut, misai tu semua?..'. aku terdiam sekejap. i was like - dammit! u got me alrite. aku gelak je lah! heh. sah2 all the ah-moi kat saloon know ntgh about trimming ur goatee. trim bulu hidung and telinga (euw!) je dorang bley..

at the office now. the penceramah for the Kursus Induksi budak2 neh alrdy in - and all i gotta do is stay back in my room, do sthg to fill up the time and by the time the ceramah done - off i'll go. i feel kinda dizzy alrite. cld be kena ujan ptg tadik, or may be not.


pbunny said...

Curious, how much did it cost you?
My barber charges RM10.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

pbunny - hi there.. they charged me rm8 for all the facial hair thang. last time - when i used to bald up my head pun - they still charged me the same! plus goatee and such.

cheap aye?

rm10? bet ur somewhere in KL or sthg?

:: NbC :: said...

pssssst u look mok mok here :-P

jerry maguire, jr. said...

pinkie - erk, its the mirror, i think, heh!