Wednesday, December 16, 2009

dinner yay!!

being so malas today. in malas mode, alrite. supposed off to the gym, tak pun pergi. ujan some more.. aiyooo.. perut lapar. last meal was a brunch - roti canai 2kpg banjir kari ikan. erm.. now dat aku feel like starving, someone gav me an idea to jst pick the phone up and call up Pizza Hut. heh, ye la kan? jst call em up, prepare some money - u can eat all u want to eat.

so there it is - Super Supreme Personal pan satu, Deli Wing 4 pieces and soup of the day - mushroom my fav soup alrite. the boy on the phone said the menu will be rite infront of my door at 7pm, so aku rileks2 la upstairs until aku dgr someone terjerit2 dpn gate aku.. heh. loceng ada pasal tak picit?

tot aku'd hav em all for myself, baru je nak bukak mulut makan, Soleh sampai from his break kat Water Theme Park. argkhhh.. kena kongsi lah! so - finally aku had 2 slices of pizza, 3 pieces of Deli Wings (Soleh 1 cukup! heh) and soup all for myself.. hehe

and its done! *burp* gym tonite? as if. heh.

Super Supreme alrite..

a must-hav for me - Deli Wing Ori 4 pieces.
nyum nyum..

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