Monday, December 14, 2009

dinner, no?

cereal? for dinner?
ru crazy? heh.

reached home by 6pm, after aku berjaya menge-beat the traffic well. heh. the courier guy get lost - dat he din managed to deliver my parcel to the office add., and i was there waiting for his call and such rite up till 5 s'thg. hello! i gotta go home!! and finally he wanted to see me at Giant instead. heh. at dis time lah! jalan jammed. a real one, dat is - wit more than 10 cars infront of u alrite. and Giant it is then.. its kinda weird for a grand big company doesnt really know the whereabouts. or keji sgt ke alamat office aku? heh.

Soleh is goin off again tonite. early paper early in the morn. heh.

i am gonna be a real dead meat.

the parcel, finally!

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Anonymous said...

Address di cover but hp no. tak?