Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a day @ Jaya Jusco

Padini Concept is having YES as usual.
kinda go ga-ga over most of the thgs there..

and these are among the 'thgs' dat i've got for myself.
its been a while since aku last do some shopping on baju2 kerja..
and dis time around, i got it alrite.

Big Apple donuts drive me balmy!

the food at Kinta City shooping center had gone thru a total overhaul, recently. heh - beside i was in there a day before (during the workin hrs), its been ages then. and gez wat? into a playground. LOL. i mean - it now has a children playground in it. everythg seems to hav totally refreshed now, even the stall looks very nice and proper alrite.

but the hot spot inside the food court is the new stall rite at the enterance of the food court. it was the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. i've read so much on those bloggers mention about great donuts from Krispe Kreme or J.Co - but there aint any ere, in Ipoh.. *sigh*

but who cares? i gez Big Apple Donuts alrdy there for a year. i think. yet it aint suprise dat many patrons r in the queue for a taste of their delicious lookin donuts. i mean - their donuts really looks yummy tho.

the donuts r prepared in an open kitchen whereby u can see the team dedicatedly workin together to prepare the gastronomical delites dat tantalise the taste-buds of all ages, of their customers! heh. incldng me, alrite.

mok mok.


The Storm Warrios (aka The Storm Riders 2).. *sigh* wat can i say? byk bersembang. and the actress berlakon mcm Statue of Liberty sgt2. wat else? i was yawning thru out it..


chen said...

get some pink Padini shirts! hehe...

jerry maguire, jr. said...

chen - already got two! huhu

chen said...

how about pink undies