Thursday, December 10, 2009

bulan baru?

As for the Twilight; The New Moon. Ask me, i'll tell u dis - New Moon? Heh. Ask me out to watch again, i'd jst like 'next!'. I was yawning like hell during dat hrs. Some gals were like laughing in between the scene, i was like laughing out loud too, but wondering 'is dat funny?!', 'why they r laughing?' kinda thang. The casting's ok, but the story line kinda sucks. Mushy mushy mcm Hindustan. Heh. Tak tau la nak explain mcmaneh. And to make it worst, towards the end - tiber2 lampu menyala, and the movie went off jst like dat. And ppl were like throwing fits, in anger, jerit2 watever not. And me? I was like, 'is dat it? can we leave now? dah abes eh?'. The movie went up back again after like 3 to 4mins, and the gals went ga ga, screaming excitingly. I was again, like - 'wats got into em all? Edward Cullen? Jacob aka Ya'acob?'. Heh. I was in it, feels like a 100 yrs. Wah! No ofnd eh, New Moön not really my cuppa. It is nice. Its about emotion, human nature and such. But then again, i din find any ummppphhhh thang in it. The pulling factor. The kick-ass factor. The come-and-see-me-again factor. Its jst like Nur Kaseh in BI version. Nur Kaseh, wat? Heh.

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