Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Bird-Day in advance!

home sweet home..

reached home by 5pm, aku was so bloody damn tired, alrite. Soleh said he's goin out for trow - he's havin a paper early in the morn., dat he decided stayin up at one of his fren - leavin me all alone at home. kinda weird tho - the surroundin wit nthg at all. i told myself dat i am goin to take dis coupla weeks on my own - be wit ownself, do wat i wanna do for a long time, less eating and goin out for more gym and jogs, of course. ndby's gonna cook - it'd make my life simple, definitely.

gonna hit Mumu earlu tonite. gotta be at work early trow morn., i aint sure wats in store for me alrite. hav a counseling session - pending. gotta go for a bit of shopping on my own, i wanted to buy coupla small thgs for coupla good, close frens of mine - a simple gesture to let em know dat i do treasure em all, God sake. i am gonna wrap, pack and send em off rite away, by end of the day - trow.

BM wit his smilin.
somewhere end of last yr.

btw - Happy Bird-Day, abg BM! (its trow anyway, jst in case i miss it). i know u wont get dis, and i dun hav any other means to tell u dis - but i dun wanna miss it, wishin u well, indeed. i hope thgs r goin to be good for u, in yrs to come. and i pray to God, ur gonna get wat u want in life, ur gonna find wat ur lookin for, insyaAllah.


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