Thursday, November 19, 2009


a day to go, before TGIF. but i gez i am already there. tell me sthg - am i burning out of wat? heh. and does dat makes any different? let me provide u the answer - the answer is 'no!'. its still the same. it is gonna be the same.

as for today - i gotta all out for the Buku Program utk Kursus Induksi nanti. i got no choice. Mr Bong wants me to come out wit one, and dats wat i am gonna do. tho deep down aku still rasa bengkek giler dgn Amed - lantak la.. dis is ur day. hav u heard thgs called 'KARMA'? heh. i trully believe in one. so - i gez i shld tone down, stay focus, and do thgs as it is.. senang. abes citer.

cant really sleep, again - last nite. i hit the crib early last nite, i think around 10pm aku alrdy in the MuMuLand.. but by 1am sthg - aku tersedar. and the story went off as usual. i wondering down stairs, in and out the bed like shait, forcing my eyes to shut the hell off.. finally layan FB je. and ended up aku tertido balik - ntah, cant really remember at wat time.. sedar2 org dah azan Subuh.

shall try to finish up thgs as early and as fast as i can. gotta travel up today. and gotta be back before 6pm. aku hav to. and aku cannot afford to re-schedule the TCA, anymore.

u hav a gr8 day, ppl. see u around.

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