Monday, November 9, 2009


I gez dats dats the rite word. Aku dah tepu. Pening. My body starts aching for i dun get the chance of havin sternous physical xtvt like aku used to do in Ipoh - gym, jog and such. Aku rasa nak feverish too, due to aircond like arnd the clock. While havin all dis thg slowing down my higher thkg faculty of the brain, aku hate to deal wit coupla stupid thgs too. Or people, to be precise. They nbdy in my life pun. As much as aku never regret they faded away, but the silly thgs caused suffocates me. And i really hate it damn fcuking much. When they r ok, they'll leave u ok. But when they r in shait, they'll put and drag everybdy in shait. Ridiculous, it is. I am tryin to find wat kinda personality disorder is dat, to fit in. And gez wat? I cldnt careless pun. Let them fade. Let they do wat ever they feel do. For ppl r not stupid to acknwledge their idiotic stage performance pun. Dis ppl wit dis kinda mentality wont fits anywhere, at all. I'll jst wait till they creep, crawl bck into ur life. For dis aint the first time, God sake. And when dat time comes in, I shall then jst sit bck and laugh.. But then, i aint an idiot. I wont do stupid thgs like dat. Knwing they r aint dat 'clever' enuf, i shall then sympathy.

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