Saturday, November 14, 2009

Taman Seri Botani - Saturday in a wrap.


a part of the whole thang.

u wanna jump? u jump,
i see sajork.


the silence.


..and wasted?

semut ber-dating.

look at the sky..

the sky - it never fails to amaze me..
beside the sea and the river.. :-(

alone.. but free.

another one..

looks like its gonna rain, aye?

Wonderpet sudah dtg!! *yawn*

and the fish - they r damn freakin big..
geligeleman siot.

i rather kill myself if they r the one for my FishSpa thang.

wheres my house?


i love dis one!

standing tall!

and the sky, of course!!

i woke up at 8am dis mornin - kinda way too early for a weekend, but i did. woke up, din really know wat to do - i decided to hav a real 'family' kinda day - i drove off to Taman Seri Botani somewhere in Simpang Pulai there. been there once, but i literally been chased off out from the taman since the eco-park closed off at 7pm. so today - i've made a pack; i gotta be there, wit my camera and such - killin time for the weekend. i was like kerja mcm keldai for about 2 weeks now; dis time around, i am gonna hav my whole Saturday Sunday to myself - i am gonna kill anybdy who'd stand on my way, God sake. heh.

the eco-park was simple. but sweet. well preserved. and the best part of it - it was surrounded by coupla taman perumahan - which are most of em r still in progress. dun ask me about 'hows the house looks like' kinda question - for they r all like damn freakin big, nice and superb hell yeah. dammit if i knew dis area way back then, i wld buy one - the house, it is - around ere, surely hell. the cuaca was nice; looks like its gonna rain, but it aint. the sun was kinda malu2 je nak kuar, making the surrounding was so damn nice to walk about, taking the sweet fresh air, and snapping some pics too.

but *danggggg!* suddenly bateri kamera aku went flat! shait. flat like tak bley nak buat pe2 dah!! geram aku sioll.. heh. finally, i gotta snapped coupla pics using my Xpress Music sajork. bodo btol. i mean - my mistake. shldve charged it earlier! heh. and personally - the pics dis time around din really up to my expectation pun. so so. bley la utk update the blog.. rather than nthg at all.

by 11.30am - dah panas terik. scared dat i am gonna get a bit more itam than i am now (bley?) - aku head home. lunch out at McD, balik rumah.. Zohor and.. dabussshhhh.. MuMuLand!! hehe

wow! and no ballon, of course.

went off for a jog in the park again. no sunny sun out there, so aku run like nbdy biz. its 5pm, yet aku in around the park - wit no risau of UVA/UVB. hahaha.. 6.30pm, ujan turun mcm tak hengat.. aku terus balik, siap2 mandi and Magrib - aku hit the dapur for my other mission. its been a real long time aku din cook on my own; and i feel like doin it tonite. simple one - spaghetti in tomato sauce wit all in it. kasik jiran sikit kiri kanan rumah.. and the rest of it - its a history!

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:: NbC :: said...

ekhem - u were talking about UVA/UVB in ur last paragraph..? where did u refer it to..? haha