Sunday, November 29, 2009

Selama, Perak.

Mandi at 10am, mak mtk tlg aku went off to town; pekan Selama, to be exact to buy coupla thgs for lunch prep. Cik and angah nak mkn bihun sup, since daging byk sgt. And dat wat mum goin to cook us, for lunch. Goin off to Selama once in a blue moon is kinda rewarding experience, really. Tho i wasnt born in ere, but i was rise up in ere.. Dad transfered in ere back in 1974, and the rest r history. Selama was a small town. A town i rmbr i swear i want to be out of it, when i grow up. At the age of 13, aku dah away from dis small town until now.. But i came bck in ere in diffrent mode, as a med staff; workin in one of the medical facility, for about 3yrs before aku off further up my study and such. Selama town tak byk b'ubah. Ppl dat i knew r gettin older, yet still nice like they used to be. They never failed to tegur me when they see me arnd, asking me dis and dat. Living in Selama is as simple and peaceful as it can be. Ppl knw each other well; whch it cld be good, and bad at the same time. And as for me, i experienced both. Theres a feeling i hav, dat i hard to explain whenever i come arnd to dis town.. And i never fail to love the feeling, God sake.

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chen said...

weii.. balik kg, apsal tak ajak, hehe..