Monday, November 9, 2009


I started to feel boring wit all dis same bck to bck types of br8fast. I normally dun hav one, but workin wit u gotta hav ur brain on track, and ur brain needs glucose to work on thgs, aku drag myslf to hav some. Mak wld be smiling on dis, kan? For her son is havin a breakfast, and need not to bear wit excuses like 'nanti sakit perut', 'nanti b'ulang pi tandas' et al. But to keep on havin the same menu again and again - dammit, next! Hav sekaya and roti, AGAIN dis mornin. My fav, alrite. But like every morn? Gez my life is worth better than dat. Nak mkn luar, sini pedas2. Aku rmbr had a series of diarrea post breakfast on the first day ere. Bkn mkn pe pun, nasik lemak je. But the sambal bilis was like, wöw! And the story begins rite after dat. Shldve my nasik lemak wit sos tomato je dat day. Heh. Heading to KPPS now. And s'thg there still up therè in my head. Gotta clear it up now - s/ada aku want it or not. For i cant afford to be 'serabut' in my thkg faculty nowadays.. :-(

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