Tuesday, November 24, 2009

outta town.

Done wit Induksi arnd 11pm last nite. Aku, Fina, Rod eager sgt2 nak jst went str8 home and do lay off for the day. I bet the stdnts, too. We had great time, laughter and such. Otw back, aku singgah mamak jap - for my late supper of roti canai banjir kari and limau suam for a drink. I knew it aint healthy - late meal, such meal. Tp aku lapar sgt2, cld be due to early dinner dat i had earlier. Smpai rmh dah midnite. Rumah was like 'kosong' sgt, tho Soleh was arnd.. most of the time, he wld jst lepak in his room, online. Aku naik atas, mandi, solat, made me a big mug of plain Milo, and online jap. Nthg there. FB mcm lengang je - aku jst jumped from one to another ppl's wall, chcked emails, tgk2 blog.. by 1.30am aku cldnt help to feel so tired, dat aku jst off everythg and jumped into the crib. I aint sure if i really fall asleep or not; by 3.30am aku dah t'cegat dpn my silly idiotbox, alone - doin some channel surfing. Feels like i'd like to do some poppin, but takut plak nanti t'lajak tdo since 5.30am aku dah kena ada kat Medan Gopeng.. Now aku lapar sgt2, puas tdo since thgs turn out to be alrite, so far..

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solo molo said...

salam Sir..
roti canai banjir kari???
nak tnye sket, bape keping roti tue???