Saturday, November 14, 2009


i was doin my usual browsing on Wikipedia on 2012 - when i come across dis article and it links to one another.. and gez wat? gross. scary shait. on my bird-day? heh


433 Eros

On January 31, 2012 Eros is expected to pass Earth at 0.179 astronomical units (16.6 million miles), about 70 times the distance to the moon, with a visual magnitude of +8.5. During rare oppositions, every 81 years, such as in 1975 and 2056, Eros can reach a magnitude of +7.1, which is brighter than Neptune and brighter than any main belt asteroid except 4 Vesta and, rarely 2 Pallas and 7 Iris. Under this condition, the asteroid actually appears to stop, but unlike the normal condition for a body in heliocentric conjunction with the Earth, it never appears to be retrograde. Its synodic period of over 846 Earth days is among the largest of any body in the Solar System blah blah blah blah u go to the link and read the rest.

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