Thursday, November 26, 2009

Monday, no?

it is Monday, no? it is? no?

yeah i know it aint. i mean - it aint Monday holy shait. but it feels like for me. may be i was away for the whole 2 days back, and today was like the 'first' day i am in the office.. (i was in the office last Monday, wat?). heh. office kosong. most of the lecturers taking the oppurtunity for the stdnts r not around - masing2 pakat amek cuti Eid'ul Adha awal2 lagik, doin the balik kampung and such.. and as for me - its gonna be tonite lah. since i din sumbit any of borang cuti for today - aku dtg la keje, kan? but then - gez wat? its goin to be a half-day sajork for me today. at least dats wat i've decided. but then again - before aku leave the building - aku need to finish up thgs for next week, so nanti tak tergedik2 like worm in a hot pan.

1 - 2 Dec, aku need to handle dis Microsoft Word Basic training for the staffs - for PRA, PAR, driver and such. so i think it aint gonna be dat tuff la kot.. me and the team we r trying to lower thgs down to the ground up to their level - so tak susahkan aku, tak crack the participants nyer kepala.. anyway - sumer dah siap. module je pending for printing. shall be done on coming Monday. aku dah delegated tugas to Azmil and Kasturi to finish up coupla thgs, and aku'd jst supervise sajork.. hehe.. 4, 5 6 Dec i'll be in Kuala Gula - Kursus Pembangunan Insaniah utk kakitgn - aku kena jadik fasci jugak! heh. wit coupla slots for me - talks, games and such. no cuti again for me.. 9 - 10 KL again, meeting in PutraJaya. again. argkhhh.. and imagine - at the same time aku gotta run the Induksi Khusus/Umum yg only ended up on 9hb. cemaneh? do i hav to cut myself into few pieces? keji, kan? kuli. dats wat it is.

everybody was like in their on world. Eid'ul Adha mood, dat is. as for me - aku mcm tak perasan plak. heh - and aku'll be leaving for east coast mlm ni, and Saturday morning come back to kampung ere plak.. before back to work on coming Tuesday.

theres so many thgs to write. Bukit Tinggi and such. but i am gonna do dat soon. not now. i gotta go continue running and catwalking around - showing dat i am doin work.. hahaha.. shut up. i am workin, ok. heh.

and if i din get the chance to wish dis - think i shld be doin it now. Salam Eid'ul Adha.. hav a great one, and happy holidays ppl!

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