Thursday, November 26, 2009

a loser, big time!

me, no? heh.

i think dis is bullshait. no balls. a loser. and a moron as well. sorry if dats too harsh, but i think it is. it aint a big deal for u, may be. but for me - it is. i dun know dis guy. and i dun giv it a shait to spare my time knowing him pun. i dun know where he is, and wat he do. and aku cldnt careless pun. yet the fact he's using my pic as his profile pic on his so-called FB was way freakin unacceptable, God forbid.

thanks to Saif for askin me if i ever had any other profile online, which put me in a hot pan. and thanks to coupla frens yg do alarm me on dis, so i can take some so-called proper action.

watever it is, i aint mad. cuma terkejut sket. and - yeah, of coz i was mad, owl-ly shait. heh. go put up ur own pic la, bro/sis. or if u dun want to, yet u still nak put up some pics so ppl wld go owh-lala, put up ur dad's.. or ur mom's - bet they'll be proud of u, God sake. its a small world. jst dun do somethg yg u think its ok for u, but then - it aint.

get a life.

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chen said...

ooo.... u got a new FB profile but never add me yer?
hehe.... just kidding!

Happy holidays!