Monday, November 16, 2009

Kellies Castle.

Done wit Kampar, aku otw to Batu Gajah now. In A&E Kampar, a case came in - 65yo mly man wit cardiac arrest for resus. Aku get arnd givin hands to the staffs wit tubing, CPR and such, yet failed. Kinda sad, but dats the fact. Done wit dat clinical thang, aku get together wit the stdnts. Apparently they r kinda 'shocked', they've learn theories and such but yet to see such thang wit their own eyes. And seing me being an adrenaline junkie at work was way different i bet, rather than seeing me standin infrnt of em all in the lecture hall, all dis while.. But the patient passed away. Damn. Here i am at Kellies Castle, taking a break for a while. I nvr missed a chance to stop by, to see dis huge 'half-baked' castle; built up by an Englishman for his wife, wit the hope one day the beloved wife wld be able to stay in it. But the wife died for s'kinda pandemic there in her English land, the husbnd went bck there, and nvr came bck in ere. I dun knw. Dats wat i knw. Typical love Shah Jehan - Mumtaz thgie. But the building is still ere. Stand tall. Wit love in it. Loneliness. And spooky, too. Left me wondering, again. Wit so many thgs in my head. Heh.

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