Monday, November 16, 2009

its Monday! (and watdya xpect?)

reached the office early. dammit - got lot of thgs to be done today, and yet; i aint gonna be stayin put in the office pun. so.. i was like - who cares? hehe.. gotta go for Hospital Batu Gajah and Kampar for pre-clinical teaching/supervising/visiting budak2 Razak neh.. heh. whole day at the the both before i hit back in ere - home, it is.

feeling a bit tiring and sleepy - i din get much sleep last nite. for the past coupla weeks, i keep on terjaga early in the morn., around 3 to 3.30am - leavin me wonder how am i gonna get back to sleep. most of the time, aku will be off the the other room, and will find myself sleepin there till the morn. kinda weird, spooky too. i mean - u knw wat it is.. 3am in the morn and such.

nice weekend. old fren and such. want to do the update - but; ermm.. will do soon la kot. its Monday, it aint day for u to swing ur balls around (tho i know i do it a lot). hehe

gotta go. breakfast first. and off behind the wheels. catch u later.