Thursday, November 26, 2009

home alrdy! huhu

by 10.3oam - i am done wit work. for the whole next week, alhamdulillah. bet i can go havin my off-day next Monday, peacefully. i told CC; Kak Ton to not look out for me next Monday for 'sy nak cuti dgn aman' kinda thang.. she was jst 'heh' me je.. haha.. module sent for printing, thanks to Azmil for his no-one-wld-thnk-he-can do-better works, today. i gez, when u stop being judgmental, u hav trust in others to do thgs well - u'll be havin good things in return. as for Azmil, he had all dis bad thgs all about him every where.. but when he works wit me, thgs r fine. he can do his work up to my expectation, which is such a 'whoaaaaa' for Pengarah, definitely.

off for a brunch wit Apiz and KF. met up wit Isma and Nirmala at the warung. had a real long chit chat over the tea-tarik, it was like nbdy biz. after all, we din get much opportunity in doing dis pun.. so we were like havin out good time, munching and talking. Isma and Nirmala r mother-to-be.. so most of the talking thang r about em both lah.

home now. done wit laundry while doing the idiotbox-ing as well. lama dah tak tgk tv. bley? haha.. sementara the sun is up there, i gotta do thgs fast.. perut penuh. keje siap. so online jap tunggu Zohor before off for MuMu-ing for a while. i hope i can spend another 2hrs at the gym ptg ni, insyaAllah.

or else, i am gonna be another MokMok in town, during dis Eid'ul Adha! heh.

it aint Monday, thank God.

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