Tuesday, November 10, 2009

diarrea, fever.

A&E Seremban..

Both of the above enuff to make me suffer. It was like 6 to 7 times dah aku b'ulg tandas, diarrea like nbdy biz. And the fever, damn i am so cold. Shivering. I ask Mr Ganesh to let me rest in the sick bay for a while, when he straight away call a transport, order a senior Mr Tamby Syubr to accompany me to A&E S'ban for some antidiarreal, ORS, antispasmodic and PCM. Before sending me off to Sri Malaysia. Segan plak aku. Segan sgt2. Tp aku dah letih. Penat. And aku tak kira dah la.

Aku nak tdo je..

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