Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I feel numb, still. I am down wit fever, a bit of diarrea plus abdominal discomfort. I am tired of havin dis urge to do my thang in the washroom, again and again. And i started to feel weak, God sake. My body aches my shait, i wish i cld jst stay back in the bed, having real good body massage. But i aint driving, and Seremban is one bloody spooky dead town. Too much eating, spicy food, aircond round the clock, no physical xtvty make me a sick lazy boi. I aint sure wat i've taken smlm dat makes mè havin dis sort of conditiön. And for the breakfast tday - i jst had a cup of thick tea-o and some local fruits. Hope dat wld calm down my bloody bowel movement.. Taken my PCM, Hyoscine and my dly med., i shall now leave for KPPS. Damn. Wat a day to start.. :-(

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