Sunday, November 22, 2009


I cant sleep last nite. Hit the crip early, woke up at about 3am - left me blinking, tossing up and down till azan Subuh. Its depressing to see others r sleeping, snoring, experiencing MumuLand like shait. And its depressing to listen to all those katak, cengkerik et al making noises, and to the rain falling cat and dog; all nite. Now dat i've done wit Subuh, aku feel so damn tired, and sleepy dat i thk i shall be doing nothg at all, but to catch some sleep. It cld be due to thgs in my head - i hate myslf for i cant clear it off, and set it 'mute'. Or it cld be the new surrounding. I dun knw.. *sigh* Gnite, anyway.
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