Tuesday, November 17, 2009


if theres a day when thgs r not up to ur expectation; making u feel so damn freakin hopeless, helpless and so debilitated - not knowin wat to do or how to put thgs in its own way.. aku gez today is the day. it started badly for me dat i forced myself to go to work, only to find dat i wasnt belong to the office like aku always do. i ended up doin the same thang.. again and again. i dun feel like telling tales in ere. nobody wants to know bad thgs. ppl enjoy knowin thgs dat wld makes them happy. and i gez dis is the time when u know who really do cares about u. but its ok. i gez dats the way life is. and it wasnt good enuff for a guy like me who needed some kinda good thang to build up proper spirit to carry on wit life - talking shait, telling sad thgs. but then again - keepin it inside - i know it aint good. i need to let it out. but.. i jst dun know how.

theres so many thgs yet to be done. may be i shld taking thgs as it is. as it comes. may be i shld be living life as it is.. enjoy every bit of it up to the maximum; wit ppl dat i love around me.

i feel like taking a break. i wanna see more beaches. the white sand. the seas. the breeze. i wanna go highlands more, if i hav the chance of doin so. i wanna spend more time wit those who cares, wit those i care the most. i want to finish up thgs i've been doin. for at least, i will be havin no regrets later.

the pain is unbearable. sometimes, i see less. glares.

Ya Allah. gimme strength. dats all i need.

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Anonymous said...

kenangan manis tetap ada dlm perjalanan hidup.. permulaan yg tiada keikhlasan setentunya membawa kepada keaiban..

tiada salah berkongsi pengalaman, perasaan & pengetahuan hanya pd mereka yg amat memahami saja dpt menilai erti kehidupan..

perubahan pada diri kita hanya Dia & diri kita sendiri saja yg tahu.. nilai kehidupan kita tiada siapa dpt menukurnya kecuali mereka2 yg tersayang dan diri kita sendiri, dan setentunya Yang Maha Esa..

Justeru itu, yg tersayang, kenangan terindah & teman rapat adalah antara perkara yg membolehkan kita mengukir senyuman dan meniti hari dgn penuh keceriaan.. Doa mereka amat lah direstui & diberkatiNya jua... Amin.. Semoga hidup Shah sentiasa dlm lindunganNya & ceria2 selalu... Amin..

Ez ...