Tuesday, November 17, 2009


if theres a day when thgs r not up to ur expectation; making u feel so damn freakin hopeless, helpless and so debilitated - not knowin wat to do or how to put thgs in its own way.. aku gez today is the day. it started badly for me dat i forced myself to go to work, only to find dat i wasnt belong to the office like aku always do. i ended up doin the same thang.. again and again. i dun feel like telling tales in ere. nobody wants to know bad thgs. ppl enjoy knowin thgs dat wld makes them happy. and i gez dis is the time when u know who really do cares about u. but its ok. i gez dats the way life is. and it wasnt good enuff for a guy like me who needed some kinda good thang to build up proper spirit to carry on wit life - talking shait, telling sad thgs. but then again - keepin it inside - i know it aint good. i need to let it out. but.. i jst dun know how.

theres so many thgs yet to be done. may be i shld taking thgs as it is. as it comes. may be i shld be living life as it is.. enjoy every bit of it up to the maximum; wit ppl dat i love around me.

i feel like taking a break. i wanna see more beaches. the white sand. the seas. the breeze. i wanna go highlands more, if i hav the chance of doin so. i wanna spend more time wit those who cares, wit those i care the most. i want to finish up thgs i've been doin. for at least, i will be havin no regrets later.

the pain is unbearable. sometimes, i see less. glares.

Ya Allah. gimme strength. dats all i need.

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