Monday, November 9, 2009

back on track.

first day of the week. nice sleepin last nite - hit MuMu early around 10.30am last nite, but i remember i was really off to sleep after 12am; after rolling and tossing around like nobdy biz. theres thgs in my mind alrite - but nothing serious, i think. my senior keep on puffin in the room making me havin the same urge - i started to lit on some and i know it was so freakin wrong. shait.. the boredom, i gez.

its gonna be a long day today. i bet papers will be in more today - and we will me marking like hose yg keje kilang, as usual.

i wanted to write more, definitely. but i gez i gotta be more selective nowadays. i cant be writing thgs jst like dat. theres so many unknown out there and i refuse to get tangled wit any of the psycho-sociopath anymore. deleted some of the entries in ere before. and i will write more, definitely.

malas siot, to kick-off the Monday! kinda miss Ipoh, dammit.

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