Monday, November 9, 2009

and its Monday..

heavy day today. and its been rainin every now and then. i am not feelin dat good either. stuffed head and body. i keep on thinkin of goin back to the room and hit the crib. nothing much as for today - the marking went well, managed to finish up coupla heavy papers - orthopedic, O&G plus Behavior Science. and general surgery as well. gotta lead the group consisted of few young and 'baru masuk keje' doin the markin on Behavior Science - i had a tough time in moderating the marks and such - for they dun hav much experience in doin the markin. pening paler aku - geram pun ada.. tp aku tak amek port sgt pun. heh.

i decided to put coupla things in 'cold storage' for time being - i need not any bloody un-needed thgs botherin my head, unnecessarily. those thgs yg tak significant, those thgs yg tak penting and such. it may hurt me a bit initially - but i know i am gonna be fine. life is a karma. a merry-go-round. wat goes around will always comes around. u've been thru dat alrite. jst dun bother to ignore or say 'no' to it, hell yeah. u do good thgs - u'll get good thgs in return. u do bad thgs, try coverin up wit bad thgs u've done at ur back - it'd be out sooner or later.. u know wat i mean. dun ask me y and wat. i am not keen of explaining.

think of headin MuMu early tonite. i need some quality time in bed, sleeping.

hope trow will be alrite.

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