Saturday, October 31, 2009


It aint my day. Its jst not my kinda day dat i want to be in anyway. I started my early morn wit a fcukin silly mistake, i went to the exam hall wit i-am-not-sure-wats-in-my-head kinda thang, i was lack of sleep, i hardly concentrate, my attention span dropped, the headache et al., i left the hall like 1.5hrs earlier then i shld. Its my fav topic, i knw. But i am not how far i did dis time arnd..

And s'how i cldnt careless pun. Lantak la. Malas aku. Esk lg. Nak duduk stdy at dis time, i dun thk i can pun. Nak tdo, i had my head like theres worms in it, nak kuar pi gym.. its raining, and i aint hav mood 4 dat..

Damn. A day to go. God.. *sigh*

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